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My name is Eric and this is my portfolio. I received a BFA in Multimedia and Interaction Design from The Illinois Institute of Art. I have been working in mobile and web design professionally as an art director for over thirteen years. You can find the latest selected works from my portfolio here.

I have a background in small to mid-sized agency work with a heavy focus on mobile interaction design. I've had the privilege of working on brands both large and small but I have a special appreciation for independent/small businesses and start-ups.

→ Mediasuture: Me•dia (n) a plural of medium. (n) means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, that reach or influence people widely. Su•ture (v) A surgical joining of the edges of a wound. (v) To unite as to form a seam. (n) An articulation or line. (n) The articulation itself.

I've been very fortunate to stay challenged and passionate in an industry that I love. I believe in celebrating other creatives, and I'm constantly inspired by my talented peers. Some of my latest thoughts and writing on design and UX can be found here, where I'm currently working as Creative Director.

I am passionate about the intersection of interaction design and the end-user. The design world has a wealth of talented visual creatives, but thoughtful user experiences require more consideration and less emphasis on solely visual aesthetics. As a result, I've moved closer to User Experience/HCI research and design with each passing year.

I do work in a freelance capacity on occasion when my schedule permits. If I like your concept/product - I will probably charge you far less than I should. If you want to contact me about my availability, you may do so here. Or don't. Really, see if I care? We're all going to die anyway.

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